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  • (single PI): NIH SuRE FIRST R16, "Improving the Accuracy of Implicit Solvents with a Physics-Guided Neural Network", 2022-2026, Total: $730,000 (LINK) Read more here.

  • (co-PI): NSF PREC CHE Standard Grant, "Cal State LA - MolSSI PREC Pathway to Diversity Program", 2022-2025, Total: $886,474 (LINK) Read more here.

  • (single PI): NSF CISE IIS Standard Grant, "Workshop on Computational Structural Biology 2021", 2021-2022, Total: $30,772 (LINK)

  • (single PI): CSUPERB New Investigator Grant Program, "Computational Study of Novel Coronavirus Mutant Binding to the Human ACE2 Receptor", 2021-2022, Total: $14,997 (LINK)

  • (co-PI): CSUPERB Curriculum Development Grant Program, "An Introduction to Biomedical Engineering with Hands-On Design Projects", 2021-2022, Total: $14,999 (LINK)

  • (single PI): XSEDE Startup Allocation: "Improving the Accuracy of Molecular Docking with Physics-Guided Neural Networks", 2021-2022, Total: $3,670


  • Graduate Student of the Year, Virginia Tech, 2020 (LINK)

  • Third Place Award in the ACM Student Research Competition, Grace Hopper Celebration, Houston, 2018 (LINK)

  • Computer Science Scholars and Pratt Fellowships, Virginia Tech, 2017 and 2019 (LINK)

  • Graduate Student Service Award, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech, 2019

  • Best Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Award, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech, 2018

  • Scholarship for Master's Degree, Department of Computer Science, Tehran Polytechnic, 2011

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