CS-5112: Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Cal State LA

CS-4962: Software Design Lab II, Cal State LA

CS-4961: Software Design Lab I, Cal State LA

CS-2148: Discrete Structures, Cal State LA

CS-3114: Data Structures and Algorithms, Virginia Tech 

Graduate Teaching Assistant:

CS-5114: Theory of Algorithms, Virginia Tech

CS-4104: Data and Algorithm Analysis, Virginia Tech

CS-1218323: Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Tehran Polytechnic

Senior Design Projects

Open-Source Real-Time Video Player (Sponsored by AT&T), 2020-2021

The team worked with the AT&T liaisons to create a Network PIS Video Emulator on top of the open-source Github Hls.js video player. Hls.js is a web application that streams videos while providing a lot of useful real-time metrics and graphs about the video streaming playback. In order to further improve the features provided by HLS.js, the team was given the task to implement a network throttling feature to throttle our bandwidth to any desired network conditions such as 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, Slow Wifi, Fast Wifi, etc. They also added more metrics and graphs to display the video start time, rebuffering ratio, average bitrate, and bandwidth conditions. Lastly, the users were provided with an excel sheet containing all the information about the video playback for research purposes. 

Online Application for Street and Highway Pavements Design (Sponsored by Department of Civil Engineering at Cal State LA), 2020-2021

The team was responsible for the design and development of a Web Application called City Pave that deals with doing calculations for pavement design/structures. This program is able to calculate and store information on a server and be able to be accessed remotely through the internet. This program is also intuitive and easy to use for all types of users. This is established by how the program validates the information that the users have inputted/selected allowing the program to do all the calculations while the users wait for the calculations.